The vision of Casa Major is to provide and preserve well-maintained and well-managed residential communities serving tenants who are in need of affordable housing. Casa Major is also dedicated to providing suitable services to its residents to improve the community in which they live. Its goals are to:

• Maintain high standards of quality housing and service to tenants and to the local communities and municipalities to        enhance pride and self-respect.

• Work with cities and local community organizations to create and preserve affordable housing.

• Restore, preserve and upgrade neighborhoods.

• Promote self-reliance of tenants and, where appropriate, the neighboring community through social services, adult tenant education, and after school tutorial sessions.

Our senior living projects include independent living retirement communities, assisted living care facilities for those needing more help in daily functioning and Alzheimer's care for the provision of compassionate, specialized care for all stages of dementia.

Our goals for senior activities vary considerably based upon the nature of the community. Our independent living facilities offer a wide spectrum of social and physical activities striving to create a vibrant and active retirement life. Activities in assisted living projects emphasize social interaction, arts, crafts, games and other activities of a somewhat more sedentary nature. Alzheimer's care stresses reawakening of memories of past activities, life and family connections and relationships.